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Randal Form Of Goddess Amba

Randal form of Goddess Amba is widely worshipped in Gujarat. Randal is Amba in the form of young girl. This form of Mother Goddess is invited to home by a devotee.

Goddess Randal can be invited at any time; no special occasion is required. No murti (idol or statue) is used in her worship. Instead, two kumbhas (pots of water) are placed one upon the other, covered with a cloth, and decorated with flowers and jewelry. Toys are also placed over the pots.

The puja of Randal is used to instruct devotees on the beauty of the Mother Goddess, the honor of having one’s mother in a little girl’s form in one’s home, and thus having the opportunity to please her and take care of her as she takes care of the people. Discourses are arranged on the occasion.

Goddess Randal is treated like an honored guest, offered the best of what family can offer, and then escorted back to the temple.

This form of Mother Goddess is also invoked during the performance of Garba during Navratri.