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Manappully Bhagavathy Story

Manappully Bhagavathy is the presiding deity at the famous Manappully Kavu Bhagavathy temple in Palakkad district, Kerala.

It is believed that an ardent devotee of Goddess Shakti offered prayers in his madapally (kitchen). Agnihotra yagnas were performed in the house and therefore it was a sacred place. The present temple is located in the exact spot where the house stood. The original name of the temple might have been madapally and it got changed to Manappully over a period of time.

The most famous story associated with Manappully Bhagavathy is that of her appearing to save the people of the region from the terror unleashed by a demon named Neelan. People of the region approached Parashurama Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu and asked him for help. But as Parashurama had put down his weapons and was meditating he was unable to help the villagers. But he directed them to Shiva.

Shiva who is ever willing to help his devotees directed Goddess Bhadrakali to annihilate demon Neelan. Goddess Bhadrakali easily overpowered the demon and the set the region free from his terror. From that day onwards Goddess Bhadrakali took the form of Manappully Bhagavathy and settled in the region to protect his devotees.

The murti of Manappully Bhagavathy is black in color, with four hands holding shoolam (lance) kapalam (skull), Gadgam (mace) and sword. As goddess is with three eyes she is also the deity who grants self realization. The deity has four big teeth suggesting her deep intolerance for Adharma (evil). She is always depicted wearing beautiful ornaments and jewelry. Her vahana is preta or ghost. She is bright, shining, beautiful and at the same time ferocious in her appearance.

Those children who follow Dharma are blessed with peace and prosperity by her. She is takes the role of a protector and weeds out all kinds of miseries and evils from the life of her children.