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Jivanmukta In Hinduism – Liberated While Living

As per Hinduism, a jivanmukta is one who does not see anything separate from himself. This one sentence epitomizes the essence of the nature of a person who is truly liberated in this very life:

He may appear to be ignorant, but he is always immersed in the knowledge of the Self. He may be teaching others, but he never claims to be a teacher. If he acts like a mad man, it is because of his divine intoxication and the inability of words to express his true feelings. He may express joy or sorrow in reaction to worldly events, but that is only in recognition of the function of the senses that has nothing to do with the Self. His apparent excitement in the presence of the wonders of the world is an acknowledgment of the phenomenon of superimposition, because there is nothing other than the Self and everything is fully contained in it. The Atman is the wonder of wonders and we are It!

Whether he is angry with or kind towards others, he means well for everyone and desires nothing but their happiness. His actions on the human level are but manifestations of his constant existence in the Self. His very existence is a blessing for humanity, even if he appears not to do anything.

Source - an excerpt from article titled ‘Mini Sermons To Myself’ by I.S. Madugula in 2021 issue of The Mountain Path magazine published by Ramana Maharshi Ashram.