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In What Does One Get Pure Joy?

One gets pure joy when there will be no desires in the mind, when the mind is all the time filled with the thought of the divine, then there will be unadulterated joy in the mind. If one is bereft of desire, one becomes heir to endless joy. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to say – pure mind and pure Atman are the same.

It is Bhagavan who is doing everything. Engrossed in the sense of being the doer, we think, ‘I am doing.’ As long as one’s desire does not get merged in His desire, the I-sense does not go. Now, no desire arises in me. What is necessary to be done, when it is to be done, that gets done then. There does not arise any thought of exerting the ‘I-sense’ to accomplish anything. In this state of self surrender there is a great joy and peace. If one is totally dependent on Bhagavan, then one becomes free from all anxiety, just like a child sleeping on the lap of its mother without any worry. When one is freed from all desires, then it is possible to attain oneness with Him; then everything becomes one. Only then one can enjoy true joy.