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How To Stay Calm And Cool When Others Make Us Angry?

Here is a look as to how to stay calm and cool when others make us angry?

We live in a world that is filled with aggressive, dominating and intimidating individuals. We have to deal with such short tempered and volatile characters in our daily life. So we need to stay calm and cool when others around us are not.

We must be able to identify such people quickly. We should keep a note of their aggressive character.

Always maintain our composure and do not give into provocations. You can chant ‘Om’ in mind to keep yourself cool or any mantra you prefer.

Try to empathize with the person. See the person as a disabled who needs emotional help. So be a good listener. Do not digest what the person says. Just hear and forget.

When we have learned that the person is aggressive and not good to us, do not waste our time for such a person.

Make sure that even if you have to answer back it is limited to the issue and does not get personal.