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Dreaming Of Escaping From A Building – Meaning

Dreaming of escaping from a building is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be kidnapped or forcefully confined. It also means accident or fire in a building in which you are present. Dreams of escaping from a building also means you are now in the prison of your narrow thoughts and for success you need to get out of the prison and face the real world.

Dream of escaping form a building and you know the structure means you will face sudden unexpected problems from a person or thing. It also means poisonous or ferocious animals taking refuge in a place you stay or work.

Dreams of escaping from building and you see other people in it means you will need to think before following the crowd. Make sure things are as what they are before blindly following the directions of the crowd.

Dreaming of escaping from a building and it is not known to you is a warning sign. You should avoid visiting unknown places to meet strangers.