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Dreaming Of Escaping An Accident – Meaning

Dreaming of escaping an accident is a warning sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will get into accidents and most of them will be not due to your fault. It means luck is in your favor. Dreams of escaping an accident mean you should take extra precaution while using vehicle, stairs and electricity.

Dream of escaping from accident and you know the place means you will get into some kind of trouble during your regular journey. It would be wise to be alert.

Dreaming of escaping from accident and you see other people means an enemy or a negligent person will cause harm to you. But as luck and divine will is on your side you will escape without much problems.

Dreams of escaping from accident in an unknown place means you will regret traveling to a new place without proper preparation. You need to avoid haste and be patient in a new place.