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Dreaming Of Engagement Ring – Meaning

Dreaming of engagement ring can be both good and bad sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. Dream of engagement ring on your finger and you are sad or unhappy means decisions about your life will be made others without taking your opinion into consideration. Dreams of engagement ring and you are surprised or happy means you will get into a good relationship soon.

 Dreaming of engagement ring and you don’t see yourself in the dream means your family will be making certain decisions without consulting you. You will be kept in dark by people regarding important matters.

Dream of engagement ring and you see it floating or falling down means problems in a relationship.

Dreaming of engagement ring and you throwing it away or breaking it means you will need to show courage to come out of bad relationship.

Dreams of engagement ring and it is on some other person’s finger means you will participate in functions and you will be unhappy about certain things.