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Work Done Mindfully Will Always Result In Success

Work that is done thinking only about the results is quite inferior to that performed without the mind getting disturbed by thoughts of the results. Those who think only about the results are wretched indeed. – Bhagavad Gita 2.49

This does not imply that one should not bother about the results at all. What is meant here is that one should not always look for praise as a result for any work done. Rather, the attentiveness with which the work is done will yield the right outcome.

Take the case of a carpenter – he had to carve the throne for a deity carefully, with full concentration, because if he made a mistake, the whole pattern would be ruined. And if he had done it only based on the money being offered or looking forward to the praise for his work, his mind would have been full of plans of how to spend the money or his mind would have been overshadowed by his ego and surely the quality of work would have suffered!

Similarly, when preparing for an examination, the focus has to be on understanding the subject. When studying is done with concentration to learn, the learning is deep. When the aim is to just score a particular mark to enter a centre of education, victory is momentary because the learning is shallow. Because of shallow learning, when the time comes to apply what one is supposed to have learnt, the struggle to cope is seen to be enormous as reports from our premier institutions tell us.

While working in the kitchen, if you do not pay proper attention to what is being added to the curry or sambar wondering whether to wear the blue dress or the green, or think you should not worry about the results and just toss things at random, not only will you (and maybe your family) go hungry being unable to eat the mess that has been prepared, but also the food will be wasted. On the other hand, when work is done mindfully, when the due process is followed with care, you do not have to be worried about the results because they will surely be good!

Source – June 2021 Sapthagiri magazine published by TTD – article titled Yogah Karmasu Kousalam by Smt D K Ahana Lakshmi