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Venmenad Mahavishnu Temple – Vamana Moorthy Temple Near Pavaratty

Venmenad Mahavishnu temple is located at HMC Nagar - Venmenad near Pavaratty in Thrissur district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Vamana avatar of Bhagavan Vishnu and the shrine is also known as Pavaratty Vamana Moorthy temple. The annual 6-day festival in the temple is held in Malayalam Edava Masam (May – June).

As per local legend, Vamana visited the place and took bath in the huge pond here. After bath he left his traditional umbrella (Palmyra-leaf umbrella) here. The temple is constructed on the spot where the umbrella was left. Later the place was known as Vamannadu which later became Venmenad.

The temple has a chathura sreekovil facing east. There is also a namaskara mandapam and chuttambalam. The main upa devatas are Ayyappa, Shiva, Ganapathi and Bhagavathi. There is a beautiful Pond attached to this temple.

The temple has a unique sreekovil. The main deity can be viewed from a very long distance without any obstruction.

Legend has it that the famous Guruvayoor temple is modeled on this temple. The temple was partially destroyed during the attack of Tipu Sultan.

The temple belongs to Thirunavaya Vadiyar Mana.

A unique offering in the temple is Sharkara Naivedya (jaggery sweet) – this is done to find relief from stammering problem. Thursday is the most important day in the shrine. Thulabharam is also performed here.

The temple is located near the world famous Guruvayoor temple and many devotees make it a point of having darshan of Venmenadu Vamana Moorthy after visiting Guruvayoor.