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Three Kinds Of Teachers

Acharya is a person who learns everything appropriately, gathers all the different views on different subjects, thinks how to fabricate all, what to use and what to leave. He knew the responsibility of his. He fulfills exactly his responsibilities, blesses his students and also those who expected something from him and leads them in right direction with proper guidance. Acharya means Teacher or Guru. Teachers are of three kinds.

One kind of teacher corrects the children when they commit mistakes, when they read incorrectly and instructs them to grow in systematic manner. It is the fortune to have a teacher who gives us many opportunities to change ourselves.

The second kind of teacher calls the child and clearly explains how to understand the concept and how to read a concept thoroughly. To have a teacher of this kind is also a great fortune as he helps not only to go in the right direction but also brilliantly explains why they are going in that route.

The third kind without asking the children to do this and not to do this, does the work and inspires the children to move in their direction practically inspiring in the sense, motivating them. For an instance, the teacher who reads Bhagavad Gita, Sundara Kanda, Ramayana, Mahabharata, will also guide the child to read the books. Then the child observes the teacher, gets inspired to read the books.