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Swami Brahmananda Advises

The man of true devotion yearns for God without becoming impatient. Even if he sees no light he will not give up his devotions. Only those who love God like shopkeepers looking for profit will give up if their prayers are not answered immediately.

He in whom a longing for God has awakened, let him rise and struggle. While sitting, or lying down, or eating, let him pray piteously to His blessed feet: “O Lord, have mercy on me! Allow me to understand your grace!”’

Swami Brahmanandaji once answered the question ‘Is there any need for a guru?’ by saying, ‘Even a pickpocket needs a guru to learn the art of picking someone’s pocket and for Brahma-Vidya (Self Knowledge) do you think that no guru is necessary?’ So, for any subject, you cannot progress without the learned help from outside.

Struggle, struggle, struggle! That person is lifeless who does not struggle. The next stage after a joyous acceptance of this struggle is peace. Struggle to attain the Lord, and make this human birth blessed!

Emphasizing that steadfast adherence to a routine is most essential for a spiritual life, Swami Brahmananda advises, ‘Make a routine of everything. “I shall meditate so long, repeat mantram so many times, study for so much time, and sleep so many hours.” With an irregular life you cannot be successful in any work.’