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Surrendering To God – Meaning In Hinduism

Surrendering to Bhagavan means to love God constantly, unconditionally, and wholeheartedly. Such love develops by the steadfast daily practice of repeating His name, singing His glories, serving His devotees and earnestly praying.

To surrender means to connect all our actions with Bhagavan. Swami Brahmananda teaches us how to do this: a) before beginning the work pray to God for strength to do the job unselfishly; b) again in the course of the work pray to God for strength to do it perfectly; and finally c) after completing the work pray to God to accept the fruits of the work. Along with this spiritualization of work, we should reject all activities that divert us away from God.

To surrender means to merge our will in the will of Bhagavan. One day, hearing Girish say “I shall do this” in connection with a small matter, Sri Ramakrishna exclaimed, “How is this? Why do you say ‘I shall do this’? Suppose you fail to do it? You should say, ‘God willing, I shall do this.’” Later in life, Girish explained what merging his will with the will of the Lord meant: “one has to continually scrutinize if even his minutest thought and action are actuated by the power of the Lord or by his own wretched ego.

Our will manifests in three levels: a) the animal level where our will is controlled by our subconscious mind and its vasanas; b) the human level where our will is empowered by our conscious mind with its power of discernment; and c) the divine level where in our superconscious mind our will intuitively becomes one with the will of the Inner Lord. To awaken to this state of superconscious mind the mental impurities should be removed through steadfast sadhana.