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Standing Murti Of Krishna Changes To Sitting Posture – True Devotion Story

Opening the main doors of temple, the priest entered the sanctum sanctorum. He is very feeble and weak. Nature is silent as if it knows the reason. He could not digest that the day is the last day of his sacred service to God. He does not know how to express his pain in heart. Who will listen to it? There is nothing wrong about him and there is no mistake of any one. It is just the natural phenomena that cursed him due to his old age.

After performing the regular holy service, keeping the flowers at the feet of Bhagavan Krishna with tears rolling down his cheeks, he completed all his daily rituals and was about to lock the temple. Immediately, he started to whimper remembering that he cannot come to service tomorrow. What may be the reason for the priest’s psychological torment? He has been rendering services for the last three four decades with utmost devotion and dedication. His entire life was immersed in Bhagavan Krishna's services. Everyone talks in the village about his divine love for the Bhagavan.

But it is quite natural that, one however mighty he may be, has to bow one’s head one day before Time. Because of old age, the priest was not able to render his services as actively as he did previously. He could not decorate murti with garlands and touch the face with holy perfumes without faltering. So, the management of the temple decided to retire him and give the responsibilities to his son. That is his last day of service and the cause of pain in his mind.

“Oh Bhagavan Krishna! This is my last service to you. Please excuse me if I had committed any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly for all these days. I failed to render services to you actively because of my old age. Forgive me. I am moving away from your service.” Eyes brimming with tears, the priest locked the temple and moved towards his house. He could not sleep the whole night and the agony would not allow him to rest peacefully.

The sun rose. The cool breeze was blowing around the temple. The son of the priest opened the doors of the temple. He started shouting “Father! Father! A miracle! A miracle!” The old priest rushed to the temple and to his surprise, the standing murti of Bhagavan Krishna was changed to sitting posture which is convenient to the old priest. The old priest thought Bhagavan Krishna has showered his abundant mercy on him. The Bhagavan blessed him by changing to his posture. Forgetting his old age and everything, the old man strongly hugged Krishna and began shedding tears.

One has to offer oneself completely to the lotus feet of the Bhagavan in true devotion. If one does so, there is nothing surprising about experiencing God’s greatest mercy oneself.

SourceArticle by Dr G Mohanacharyulu in August 2021 Issue of Sapthagiri