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Sayings Of Khana Or Khona

Khana or Khona was a famous astrologer who lived during the 6th century CE in Bengal and her sayings are related to agriculture, climate and ecological balance. Astrologers depend on the sayings of Khana for justifying their predictions.

Sayings of Khona are a diverse nature and down-to-earth. For example, on the right time for departing on a journey, she says: “At daybreak of Mangal and stepping into the morning of Buddha the next day, you can go wherever you want to.”

Khona said the following points about good and bad omens – An empty vessel, a dry boat, a crow cawing on a dry branch, or if you see a man without beard, never set foot outside. But an empty vessel is much better if it is taken to the pond for filling up, should the mother call from behind it is much better. A dead body is a good omen, but a person who is going to die is a better omen.

Sayings of Khona on natural calamity include – if there is a dense fog in the month of Chaitra or if there is flood in the month of Bhadra, there will be a natural calamity during which human skulls will cover the earth. If there blows a southern wind in the month of Ashada, rest assured there will be a flood. About possible rainfall – a cloud that looks like freshly turned up soil in a cold wind, inform the cultivator to make arrangements for holding rainwater. If it does not rain today, tomorrow it must.

Some sayings are about the unpredictable problems of the rainy season. Should rainfall occur in the month of Agrahayan, when the field is full of ripe crop, the king will have to go begging, because all the crops would perish. If it happens in Pausha, the expected return it totally lost. If the rainfall occurs in the end of Magha, the king is great and the subjects lucky. If it happens in Phalguna, the ‘china’ and the ‘koan’ crop are doubled.