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Public Confidence Building In Hinduism – Lokavishwasa

Public confidence building in Hinduism is referred to as lokavishwasa. The word vishwasa connotes trust, credit, reliance, belief, hope, confidence, idea, faith, credence, and assurance of and for the people. Bhagavan Sri Krishna preached the Bhagavad Gita in the battlefield to Arjuna only to infuse confidence (vishwasa) in him. Vishwasa refers to public confidence. Any activity in a democratic setup is dependent on lokavishwasa for its success. The success of a king, popularity of a brand name and the acceptance of a philosophy are all dependent on lok vishwasa.

The concept of God is also dependent upon lokavishwasa. Simplicity, steadfastness, discipline and dutifulness based on the principle of satya (truthfulness), jnana (knowledge) and ananta (limitless and all pervasive) nature of individuals would create lokavishwasa in everyone.

The love of mankind, universal love, general benevolence, philanthropy and the custom (ways of the world) are the outcome of lokavishwasa.

Hinduism has many sects, which are developed on the sheet anchor of lokavishwasa. Atmavishwas is the basis of lokavishwasa, as the confidence of the public is cemented only by the strong atmavishwas of acharyas.