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One Cosmic Being – Central Theme Of Vedas

The central theme of the Vedas is the real nature of the ‘whole’ and the ‘part’, and their relationship. This ‘part’ is only meaningful if it is comprehended in terms of its relationship with the ‘whole’. The Vedic sages experienced the ultimate truth – The ‘whole’ (paramatman) and the ‘part’ (jivatman) are identical and one and the same at the highest level of Reality. This ‘whole’ is a cosmic being beyond our ordinary understanding and conceptualizing. It is beginningless and endless, over conscious and eternal. It is the unconditional impersonal existence (sat), super consciousness (cit), and immortal bliss (ananda).

This being is nameless, formless, indivisible, all en-compassing, and an irreducible ‘whole.’ Space time and motion are within themselves. This supreme consciousness is an all time constant posterior to all the manifested contents, whether microscopic or macroscopic. All the mental states, energy reverberations, and all the material units spread across space and time are only variables changing moment to moment.

Orderliness, dynamic equilibrium, love, beauty, peace and compassion are inherent in Supreme Consciousness. Being an all-time constant, it is in a state of ‘eternal now.’

SourcePrabuddha Bharata July 2021 Issue page number 40. Article titled – Vedic Thought and Western Psychology.