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Narada Pancaratra Teachings

Materialistic people consider the best knowledge to be that which gives them information of sense gratification and thereby binds them to illusory material existence.

By cultivating material knowledge, people remain engrossed in thoughts of sense enjoyment and busy maintaining their relationships with the perishable world.

Devotional service to Bhagavan is like a weapon for destroying the knots of material bondage.

The reactions of sinful activities that were formerly committed by a devotee are immediately burnt to ashes like dry grass simply by his chanting the holy names of Bhagavan.

The earth becomes purified at once by the touch of the dust from the lotus feet of a pure devotee. There is nothing in this world more pure than a servant of Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

A pure devotee of Bhagavan Sri Krishna who relishes chanting His holy names purifies one hundred generations of his family, along with his friends and well-wishers.

The practice of penance is useless for those whose minds are polluted and who thus cannot realize Bhagavan Harii, who exists within and without.

For one who has worshiped Bhagavan Vishnu, artificial austerity is useless and for one who has not worshiped Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu, no amount of austerity can give him perfection.

A householder devotee should not merely remain attached to family life, enjoying the fruits of his previous karma. He should simultaneously accept some austerity with a desire to achieve shelter at the lotus feet of Bhagavan Srikrishna.

It is the result of one's past deeds that causes a person to experience distress, happiness, lamentation, fear, natural death, premature death, a long duration of life, or a short duration of life.

No one can change how a person's death will occur because it is fixed by destiny. As soon as a living entity is put into the womb of his mother, his future course of action is determined. No one can reverse it.

Until the time is ripe, one does not die even if he is pierced by hundreds of arrows. However, when his allotted time is over, a man may die simply by being hit by a blade of grass.