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It Is Impossible To Know Everything About God

Sri Ramakrishna insisted that it is impossible to know everything about God, the Divine Mother. He insisted to pray and take refuge at her lotus feet:

Who can ever know God? I do not even try. I only call on Him as Mother. Let Mother do whatever She likes. I shall know Her if it is Her will, but I shall be happy to remain ignorant if She wills otherwise. …

O Mother! O Embodiment of Om! Mother, how many things people say about Thee! But I don’t understand any of them. I don’t know anything, Mother. I have taken refuge at Thy feet. I have sought protection in Thee. O Mother, I pray only that I may have pure love for Thy Lotus Feet, love that seeks no return. And Mother, do not delude me with Thy world-bewitching maya. I seek Thy protection. I have taken refuge in Thee.

Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, 299.