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For an Enriched Life – Wisdom Of Annamayya

Whatever be your learning or listening, how do you get rid of your grief and be enriched?

Unless you abstain from calumny, unless you are free from excessive lust, unless you control your fickle mindedness, how can you avoid misfortune and attain good fortune?

Unless you are free from greed, unless you are unblemished, unless you are free from ill-will, how can you overcome adversities and attain the other world?

Unless you seek Bhagavan Venkatesha in your soul, unless you are free from anger, unless you abstain from telling lies, how can you overcome your uncertainty and attain success?


Discontentment, inability to understand the purpose in life, excessive ambition, greed, envy, lack of social consciousness and lack of proper guidance are leading to psychological problems among people.

Annamayya contemplates on how to get rid of grief which is inevitably linked to human life and gives his own solution. The remedy does not lie in one’s learning or listening to the speeches of wise men without understanding their true import or practicing it. What is important is the transformation should come from within. Education sans morality and life skills is of no use.