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Dreaming Of Spitting Out Saliva – Meaning

Dreaming of spitting out saliva is a sign of both good and bad. The dream means you will realize your mistakes and will try to rectify them. If you feel scared or unhappy after the dream then it means health issues and fights with people.

Dream of you spitting out saliva and you are happy means you will get opportunity to solve some important life issues. It also means you will find courage to give up certain bad habits.

Dream of someone else spitting out saliva means you will be misunderstood by other people. It also means a secret of yours will be revealed causing embarrassment or public shame. There can also be scandal.

Dream spitting out saliva and it falling on someone means accidents or fresh problems.

Dreaming of spitting out saliva and it is of red or other colors then it means hope and new place. It also means arrival of someone exciting.