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Dreaming Of Riding Scooter – Meaning

Dreaming or riding scooter is a positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means desire fulfillment and dream come true. It also means you will get opportunity to travel in a way that you had always imagined.

Dream of riding a scooter you know and in known place is associated with new found love of something or someone. It also means lot of positive changes in near future.

Dream of riding a scooter and you are unhappy means sudden change of fortune, loss of reputation, cheating, loss of something or problems in a relationship.

Dream of riding scooter in an unknown place means relocation or discovering your passion. It also means you will stay away from home.

Dreaming of riding scooter not on road but in some other kind of space means you will do nothing to achieve success. You will procrastinate and will be lazy.

Dreaming of riding a colorful scooter means marriage or finding someone with whom you will live for a long period.