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Dreaming Of Durga Maa – Meaning – Goddess Durga Idol

Dreaming of Durga Maa is a positive and good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means permission to follow your vision and desire. It also means new hope and change of luck. Dreaming of Goddess Durga Maa idol or murti is a sign of progress and good health.

Dreaming of Goddess Durga is peaceful form means there will be unexpected gains. It also means return of peace and prosperity to your life. There will be happiness in life and new relationships.

Dream of angry Goddess Durga means you are do something wrong in your life and you need to make changes. You should avoid all kinds of evil and illegal activities as it will result in pain and shame.

Dream of Durga Maa in green color means marriage and child birth.

Dream of Durga Maa in red color is sign of victory and success.