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Dreaming Of Drinking Water - Meaning

Dreaming of drinking water is both good and bad as per dream interpretation and meaning. Drinking water and you are happy means that you will get opportunity in near future to come out of old problems. Your name will be cleared. There will be sin redemption and you can start a new life. Drinking water and you are scared or threatened or unhappy means you will get into some kind of trouble. The dream is a kind of warning to avoid unwanted friendship and illegal activities.

Dreaming of drinking water and you are happy is a sign of hope, progress and freshness.

Dream of someone else drinking water and your just witnessing it means you will meet a person or will have an incident in near future which will change your life forever.

Dreaming of drinking water it not going into your mouth means there will be unhappiness due to a family member.

Dreaming of drinking water changing color means death in family.