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Dreaming Of Dog Poop – Meaning

Dreaming of dog poop is both good and bad as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream is associated with progress and also of sudden misfortune and it all depends on the situation. Seeing dog poop near your house means money and wealth. Dreaming of picking up do poop means you will have face weird situations and it is a warning sign asking you to follow laws and avoid taking risks. It also means doing shameful or embarrassing things in near future.

Dreaming of dog poop and you stamping on it means you will face sudden misfortune. Something that was going normal will become abnormal and difficult.

Dream of someone else stamping on dog poop is a sign that you will get out of your misfortune.

Dreaming of dog poop in front of your house means unexpected wealth.

Dream of dog poop being thrown at you or in air is sign of attack by enemies and misfortune due to the actions of others.