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Dreaming Of Dinosaurs – Meaning

Dreaming of dinosaurs is a negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. You will soon see old issues coming to haunt you. Something you had done in the past will be dug out to malign you. Dream of dinosaur babies or eggs means trouble will come to you disguised as something nice and you will fall for it.

Dream of dinosaurs simply grazing or in peaceful mood means calmness and peace in life.

Dream of dinosaurs attacking each other is a sign of problems in life especially in relationship.

Dream of several dinosaurs together means you will be subjected to trial by a group of people. You will have to face a hostile set of people in an unknown location.

Dreaming of dinosaurs chasing or attacking you means you will face problems from unexpected quarters.

Dream of dinosaurs attacking someone else is a sign of you escaping from an attack. It also means someone else will take the blame for your bad actions.