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Dreaming Of Cleaning House – Meaning

Dreaming of cleaning house is a good sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means new relationship or functions or get together or happy occasion in family. It also means that you will realize your mistakes and will try to change them.

Dream of cleaning of own house means you will make changes in your personal life to have stress free and good life. It also means you will see arrival of someone new in your life.

Dreaming of cleaning an unknown house means you will be forced to interfere in another person’s problem. It will not be wise to clean another person’s house even if they ask you to do it. Avoid getting into personal life of others.

Dream of cleaning house and you are happy is a sign of positive changes in life. It also  means functions or return of happiness.

Dreaming of cleaning house and you are crying or sad means you will be forced to do something you are not happy about. It also means someone you detest will return back to your life.