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Dreaming Of Centipede – Meaning

Dreaming of centipede is a bad sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will face sudden reversal of fortune. It also means bad health and sudden issues of health that might cause pain and hospitalization.

Dreaming of centipede biting (me) is a sign of accidents or getting bitten by poisonous animals. The dream also means there is some problem that is growing around you and you are not aware of it. You need to be alert and should anticipate trouble from colleagues or people around you.

Dream of colorful centipede means someone who is being friendly to you is trying to use you to make some gains. You are in a use and throw relationship.

Dream of centipede walking on your body means skin related issues or scar on body.

Dreaming of you falling into centipede pit is associated with physical attack or getting locked up in a place you detest.