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Dreaming Of Bomb Blast – Meaning

Dreaming of bomb blast is negative and bad as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream is a kind of warning about future accidents or problems in relationship. You need to be careful while driving, handling hazardous materials and fire etc.

Dream of bomb blast and you running away means you will be forced to abandon current location or job due to untoward happenings.

Dreaming of bomb blast and you are seeing people you know means trouble to relatives or family members or friends. It means you will get to hear bad news.

Dream of getting hurt in the blast is a signal for you to be careful about your actions. A secret of yours will be revealed.

Dream of bomb blast and you are happy means you will get to hear defeat of your enemies. Those people whom you hate will suffer due to one problem or other.

Please note that a dream to have meaning it should happen naturally. If the dream takes place after hearing, reading or witnessing something related to bomb during day time then it has no meaning.