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Dreaming Of Being In A War Zone – Meaning

Dreaming of being in a war zone is bad as per dream interpretation and meaning. If you see fights, fire, broken vehicles, injured and dead people in dream means there will be conflict or accidents in your life. Dreams of war zone and you know the place means sudden problems due to political change or rebellion. 

Dreaming of a war zone and you are scared and surrounded by unknown people means something terrible might happen in your life. You should be extremely careful about your actions in near future.

Symbolically, the dream is also a sign of internal conflict in you that might disturb your mental peace and balance. The dream is asking you to calm your mind and to have positive thoughts.

Dreams of war zone and you are seen happy means courage to overcome a problem. It also means not realizing the enormity of a problem and jumping into it. It also means not doing something at the appropriate time and you will regret it later.

Please note that the dream to have a meaning you should see it naturally not after discussion or seeing or reading about war zone.