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Why Equanimity Of Mind Is Important To Overcome Crisis? Hinduism Answers

Hinduism advocates equanimity, mental calmness, and evenness of temper, especially in a tough situation. If we remain calm, the mind will remain still and focused. The Bhagavad Gita extols samatva, equanimity as yoga, the way to the Divine. In modern terms, it can be construed as the ‘maturity to understand and accept things as they come up in life’.

Modern psychology suggests various ways to reach equanimity. However, spiritual traditions like Vedanta of Hinduism advocate knowledge of the impermanence of the world as the only royal way to achieve this. The logic behind it is simple. If we understand the world to be transient, we don’t get too much involved in it.

We develop asakti, dispassion, which makes our mind undisturbed. We become mature enough to witness the happenings in our life in a proper perspective.

Vedanta, the spiritual and philosophical tradition of the Upanishads, says that the world we see around us is but an appearance on Brahman, the true reality. The appearance is myriad, but the reality is the same. The misery is due to the non-recognition of the Reality as the essence of multiplicity. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad says that Brahman is the state of fearlessness, as there is nothing second to be scared. The bottom line is that the spiritual journey towards the attainment of oneness destroys all inhibitions, phobias, and misery, which are only products of ignorance.