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Sant Tukaram Maharaj Abhang – Collection

A collection of Abhang of Sant Tukaram Maharaj.

God does not have a bundle of moksha that can be simply handed over. What is needed is the control of the senses and the mind, making them free from all the sense objects. Fasting, utterances of prayer, and the like, are merely rows of letters; ultimately it is virtuous acts that produce the desired results. You are unnecessarily crying for the pains you received in a dream. You are falsely crying with the others who cry. Tukaram says that the fruit is at the root and so speedily surrender to Bhagavan.

As salt gets dissolved in water and loses its separate identity, similarly (O, Bhagavan), I became one with you and lost myself in you. As when fire meets camphor, only soot is left behind; Tukaram says, you and I became one flame.

Trees, creepers, animals are the most near and dear ones, birds also sing beautifully. That is the reason I enjoy solitude, no virtues and vices crop up in the mind. Sky is the roof, earth is the seat, being absorbed in that, my mind plays joyfully. For the body, there are rags and the water-pot. I can feel the wind now and then. Food in the form of spiritual discourses is spread all over; we can make and relish tasty dishes out of this. Tukaram says that you discuss with yourself through a conversation with the mind.

O Keshava (Vitthal), your nature is beyond thought and speech, that is the reason I made devotion a measure to measure you. I measure the immeasurable with devotion, but none can measure you with the measure of philosophy. Yogic practices, Vedic rituals, and austerities are related to the body; and you cannot be grasped by the intellect. Tukaram says that we are serving you with our innocent minds, please accept it.

Make the mind happy because that is the cause of all occult powers, bondage or liberation, joy, contentment, desire, and the like. The mind installs God’s image, the mind worships the mind, the mind fulfils desire, the mind is the mother of all. The mind is the master and disciple, becomes slave of its own, makes itself happy, makes itself progress or regress. Hear, O spiritual aspirants, students, scholars, speakers, listeners, Tukaram says that there is no other God other than the mind.

By adopting noble means one should earn wealth, but be detached while storing it. Thus, one will attain the best end and would have best enjoyments while living. Help others but don’t criticise, (other than your wife) always regard all women as sisters and mothers. Show compassion to living beings, and maintain cows and animals, and serve water to the thirsty in the forest (in the places not having water). One should be peaceful and should not harm anyone, also (one should) intensify one’s father’s glory. Tukaram says that by living the householder’s life in this manner, one attains the highest state due to the power of detachment.