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Pratipatti – Materials Used In Worship In Mimamsa School Of Philosophy

Pratipatti refers to the materials used in acts of worship according to the Mimamsa school of philosophy. These are referred to as pratipatti karma. As stated in Taittiriya Samhita 6.1.3 – “The Rig and the Sama, unwilling to remain with the gods for the yajna, taking the form of a black antelope, departed and remained away. The white of the black antelope skin is the color of the day, the black that of the night. Whatever is imbued in those two, he wins. The black antelope skin is of the form of the holy power.

The man who is consecrated is a fetus; the clothing is the caul which covers him. Therefore the fetuses are born covered (with the caul). He should not uncover himself before purchasing the soma. If he was to uncover himself before purchasing the soma, the fetuses of his offspring would be liable to miscarriage. He uncovers himself when the soma purchased has been verily completed.

According to Dharmasastras, Pratipatti is a work done as a subsidiary action for a karma that has no specific fruit for itself. As in the performance of Shraddha, the materials left over are thrown in water, which is believed to be good and has been practiced from ancient times; or the murti of Ganesha, which, after being adored with great reverence, is immersed in water.

Poets use the word, Pratipatti, in various senses. It is also used to mean – Expertise in any action, honor, accomplishment, gain of power, acceptance, assertion, initiative, perception, cognition etc.