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O.T.C. Hanuman Temple – Vishu Pongala Festival

O.T.C. Hanuman temple is located at Palayam in Thiruvananthapuram city, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Anjaneya or Hanuman. The annual Vishu Pongala festival (April 14 or April 15) on Medam 1 attracts hundreds of devotees.

The history of O.T.C. (Officers Training Camp) Hanuman temple is associated with the Nair Pattalam of Travancore kingdom. The murti of Hanuman in the temple was worshipped by the soldiers. They used to carry the murti with them. The Palayam area was one of the important military camps of Travancore kingdom.

The temple is east facing. A peepal tree stands in place of kodimaram. A sign board announces that the temple is managed by Travancore Devaswom Board. The main temple has two entrance and two huge tall lamps stands in front of both the entrance.

As one enters the door, there are ‘thinnai’ [platform] on either side of the path leading to main temple.

Sri Hanuman Swamy is seen in the standing posture in the east facing chathura sreekovil. The pleasant looking face of Hanuman murti is slightly tilted leftward. He is seen with ‘gorapal’ [protruding teeth]. His right hand is showing ‘abhaya mudra’ and bestowing blessings to the devotees. Left hand is resting on the left thigh. A mace is placed near His left thigh. There is a small knife on His hip belt. Tail is near His feet, with a small curve.

The upa devatas worshipped in the temple are Shiva, Nagas, Yogeeswaran and Ganapathi.

Thousands of women devotees participate in the annual Pongala festival in the temple.

Hanuman Jayanti, which falls on full moon day in Meda Masam, is another important day in the shrine.