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Keezhthali Shiva Temple Kodungallur – History

Keezhthali Shiva temple is located at Keezhthali in Methala Village, Kodungallur, Thrissur district, Kerala. The temple is one among the 108 Shiva temples in Kerala. The temple was one among the four Thali temples that had control over the reign in Kerala. According to Keralolpathi, Keezhthali Siva Temple existed during the Perumal reign (BC 113 - AD 343).

The main prathishta in the temple is Kiratamurti Shiva. The belief is that Parashuram had performed the consecration or prathishta of Shivling in the temple.

The Shivling is considerably big and puja is performed by standing.

The temple was attacked and ransacked by Dutch, Portuguese and Tipu Sultan. Destroyed murtis of Hindu gods and goddesses, sculptures and pillars have been recovered from the temple premises. The murtis of Saptamatrikas and some sculptures are currently on display in Thrissur museum.

Currently only the main sreekovil remains extolling the glory of a beautiful temple. In its original glory, the temple boasted of a Koothu Parambu, a Kalari Parambu and a Kalapura Parambu.

There are no festivals in the temple. The temple is currently under the control of Vadasseri Nair.