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Hanuman Temple – Palakkad Fort – Kote Anjaneya - Rama Navami Festival

Hanuman Temple, also known as Kottakkakam Anjaneya Temple (കോട്ടയ്ക്കകം ആഞ്ജനേയ ക്ഷേത്രo), is located in side Palakkad Fort at Kenathuparambu – Kunnathurmedu in Palakkad town, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Hanuman or Anjaneya. The 9-day annual Rama Navami festival in Malayalam Meena Masam is an important event in the temple.

The murti of Bhakta Anjaneya (Hanuman) is carved on in the inner side of wall of the eastern entrance of the fort. He is famous as Kote Anjaneya.

The murti of Hanuman is facing south, while Hanuman Himself is looking towards west. The ardha-shilpa carving of Anjaneya is of about seventeen inches in height. He is seen in the standing posture with the 'gada' (mace) held in the 'Anjali Hasta' (folded hands). His laukuulam' (tail) is raised and curved with a small bell at the end of the tail. He has His right leg forward; and the left is seen just raised and ready to move.

Saturdays and Tuesdays are the most important days in the temple. Ghee lamps and Vettila mala (betel leaves garland) are the main offering here. Prasadam is uzhunnu vada and payasam.

During Rama Navami festival numerous Vaishnava pujas and rituals are held. The festival concludes on Navami day. Annadanam, ghee lamps, temple art forms and melam are part of the festival.