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Abhangs Of Sant Eknath

An English translation of Abhangs of Sant Eknath.

Constantly identifying with one’s hearth and home, why do you move hither and thither in vain? First drop the attachments of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, and then destroy your ego. Once, attachments to hearth and home are destroyed, then one easily attains the joy of moksha. Janardan’s disciple Eknath says that only surrendering to God uproots all attachments.

Delusion and attachment is to be completely uprooted, and then one can attain purity of the mind. With a pure mind one should serve one’s guru, by that one gets the treasure of knowledge. Janardan’s disciple Eknath says that obtaining this knowledge, one experiences absolute Brahman.

A sadhu established in the Self does not praise or blame because attachment and hatred have been completely uprooted from the mind and one has gone beyond Dvaita and Advaita. One has no worldly dealings of giving and receiving. Janardan’s disciple Eknath says that such a person is a saint, in whose heart God dwells.

Though the yogi lives in the body, but is beyond the body (because of detachment), and constantly moves, talks, and sees. The yogi always experiences unbroken samadhi and there are no effects of actions. By breaking the ties of limiting adjuncts of attachments, the yogi sees the whole universe to be filled with God. Janardan’s disciple Eknath says that the company of such a person constantly gives all-round fulfillment.

The black one (Bhagavan Vitthal) appears to me as bliss, nondual, eternal, and without blemishes. I am attracted to him by body, speech, and mind, and because of this attraction, my mind got uplifted. I experience the sweetness of his feet. Seeing and attaining God, the soul became one with God. Janardan’s disciple Eknath says that I understood God.

All the three worlds have been filled with bliss and my mind has been firmly kept at the feet of the master of the universe. My mother, the Lord of the universe; my father, the Lord of the universe; and the master of orphans, the saviour of people [God]. Janardan’s disciple Eknath says that God alone dwells in my guru, thus glorifying the glory of Consciousness.