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To Free From Desire Engage In Works For Welfare Of All Living Beings

It is nearly impossible to banish desire from our hearts. Kanchi Maha Periyava asks use to free from desire by engaging in works for welfare of all living beings.

Only by banishing desire from our hearts may we remain free from sin. How is it done? We cannot but be performing our works. Even when we are physically inactive, our mind remains active. All our mental and bodily activity revolves around our desires. And these desires thrust us deeper and deeper into sin. 

Is it, then, possible to remain without doing any work? Human nature being what it is, the answer is "No". "It is not difficult to quell one’s thinking nor is it easy to remain without doing anything…-”, says Tayumanavasvamigal. We may stop doing work with the body, but how do we keep the mind quiet? The mind is never still. Apart from being until itself, it incites the body to action.

We are unable either to efface our desires or to cease from all action. Does it then mean that liberation is beyond us? Is there no way out of the problem?

Yes, there is.

It is not necessary that we should altogether stop our actions in our present immature predicament. But instead of working for our selfish ends, we ought to be engaged in such work as would bring benefits to the world as well as to our inward life. The more we are involved in such work the less we will be drawn by desire. This will to some extent keep us away from sin and at the same time enable us to do more meritorious work. We must learn the habit of doing work without any selfish motives. Work done without any desire for the fruit thereof is Punya or virtuous action.