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Story Of Jada Bharata And Goddess Bhadrakali

Jada Bharata is a famous character in the Srimad Bhagavad Purana. There is a famous story of Jada Bharata captured by thieves who wanted to sacrifice him to Goddess Kali.

Because of the merit earned in his previous births, Jada Bharata became spiritually awakened in his present life right from the birth. He realized his oneness with the all-blissful Atman, Supreme Self and never identified himself with the body. Such a realized soul is never affected by the pair of opposites like honor and ignominy, heat and cold, and so on. He used to move around wearing a dirty loin-cloth.

One day, a gang of thieves, who were planning to sacrifice a human being to Goddess Bhadrakali, saw Jada Bharata. Finding him healthy and faultless in every limb and thus most suitable for the sacrifice, they bound him with a rope and took him to the temple of the Goddess. There they bathed him and decked him with a new cloth, jewels, sandal paste, flowers to prepare him for the sacrifice. One of the thieves, who was officiating as the priest, took a sharp and fearful sword in his hand and was about to behead Jada Bharata to sacrifice him to the Goddess.

Jada Bharata sat calmly in the midst of all this. As he had no attachment with the body, he developed no fear of getting injured or even killed. All of a sudden, Goddess Bhadrakali emerged from the image. She assumed a terrible form, snatched the sword from the hands of the thief and chopped off the heads of all the thieves.

Truly, God ever protects the devotees who have surrendered to Him and have achieved oneness with Him through non-identification with the body, mind and senses.