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Sri Vayuvega Yogini – Hindu Goddess

Sri Vayuvega is one of the 64 yoginis in Hinduism. The 64 yoginis are holy women with yogic powers or female attendants of Shiva or Durga. They are worshipped as Goddesses in Hindu religion. Goddess Sri Vayu Vega Yogini stands on a female yak. The meaning of the word ‘Vayuvega’ is ‘one who has a speed like wind’.

Sri Vayuvega Yogini is worshiped for defeating enemies and to escape from accidents. She helps a devotee in overcoming all kinds of obstacles created by enemies. She is also worshipped by those people having trouble with breathing. She also helps in finding early cure to problems related to limbs. Those facing problems in walking will be benefitted by worshipping her.

The mantra associated with Sri Vayuvega Yogini is Aim Hreem Om Phat Swaha.

She is offered red color flowers and red color bhog. Lamp for her should be lit using mustard oil.

The ideal day to propitiate Sri Vayuvega Yogini is Saturday or Tuesday.

Yak is a short-legged and long-haired ox-like animal found in the Himalayas. The mammal can run fast but only for short distances. The reason behind the depiction of a yak with Sri Vayuvega Yogini is that she moves at the speed of wind. The animal is found in the Himalayas, which is the abode of Shiva. Thus she serves Shiva riding on the yak.