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Manjeri Kunnthambalam – Muthrukunnu Bhagavathy Temple – Pooram Festival

Muthrukunnu Bhagavathy Temple, also known as Manjeri Kunnthambalam is a 2000-year old temple located in Malappuram district, Kerala. The Kunnath temple is dedicated to Bala Durga, manifestation of child form of Goddess Durga. The annual festival of this temple, popularly known as Manjeri Pooram is observed in Meena masam. The annual festival concludes on Uthram nakshatra in Meenam month with arattu procession.

The annual festival begins with kodiyettam (ceremonial flag hoisting). The festival witnesses various tantric rituals and ceremonies.

Kalamezhuthum Pattum is one of the major rituals held during the festival. Yet another  major highlight of the festival is the Pakal Pooram which happens on the eighth day. Processions of various folk art forms like Pootham, Kaala, Nayadi Pootham, Chaliyam Kuthira (Vethalam) etc are part of this grand annual festival.

The temple is located atop a hill.

The sanctum sanctorum is circular in shape (vatta sreekovil) with the four handed Durga Goddess murti inside it. The east facing temple has got another small temple which has Erattu Kaalan (Shiva) as main murti which is 4 meters down the hill.

The temple observes the annual Navratri festival with ezhuthiniruthu.