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Manapullikavu Vela 2024 Date - Festival At Manapullikavu Bhagavathy Temple

The festival is annually celebrated during the last week of February and first week of March in Kumbham month based on the Malayalam Calendar followed in Kerala. It is the most famous festival at the Manapullikavu Bhagavathy temple in Palakkad district, Kerala. Manapullikavu Vela 2024 date is February 29.

The festival begins a week before the Manapullikavu Vela day with flag hoisting. One can witness various traditional art forms during the one week period. Unique puja ceremonies and rituals are performed in the temple during the period.

The Vela day is noted for various pujas especially Chandh Abhishekam. Yet another highlight of the festival is the fireworks performed at night and early morning hours during the conclusion of the Vela festival.

Manapullikavu Vela consists of small velas from nearby desams or small villages. Prominent among them are the velas from Vadakkanthara, West Yakkara, Vennakkara and Koppam. The arrival and gathering of the small velas together result in a grand festival. The arrival of the small velas along with kalas, chariots and strangely dressed people give the festival a unique atmosphere.

A major event during the Vela festival is of retrieving the sword of Goddess Manapullikavu Bhagavathy from the temple tank by an oracle or velichappadu. The oracle jumps into the tank and retrieves the sword. The sword is taken inside the sanctum sanctorum and pujas are performed.

Vela Ottu or serving of free food is a grant event on the day. All the people of the region consider this food as prasadam or offering of Goddess Shakti.

The festival is noted for traditional Kerala temple music – Panchavadyam, Pandi and Panjari melas. The music is performed before 15 caparisoned elephants.