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Kerala Temples Where River Enters To Conduct Arattu

There are a few temples in Kerala where the river enters the temple to perform arattu ceremony. The entering of the river into the sanctum sanctorum is considered highly auspicious. Here is a list of Kerala temples where the river enters to conduct arattu.

  1. Thanikkudam Bhagavathy Temple
  2. Ooramana Sastha Temple
  3. Thiruvalla Thiruvatta Shiva Temple
  4. Thripulikkal Shiva Temple
  5. Aluva Shiva Temple
  6. Ayyappan Kovil Sastha Temple
  7. Chamravattom Sastha Temple
  8. Anantheshwara Vinayaka Temple

Arattu is the concluding ceremony during the annual temple festival in Kerala. In most temples, the murti of Bhagavan or Bhagavati is carried atop an elephant to a nearby river or pond and then the priests carry the deity to a into the water body to perform the arattu ceremony.

The deity of the temples in which river enters is never taken out for arattu.