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Words Of Sri Ramana Maharshi – During His Last Year In His Body

These were some of the final words of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Let the body, the result of fructifying karma, rest or move about, live or die, the Sage who has realized the Self is not aware of it, just as one in drunken stupor is not aware of his clothing.

The jnani who has found himself as formless pure Awareness is unaffected though his body be cleft with a sword. Sugar-candy does not lose its sweetness though broken or crushed.

"When we have finished a meal do we keep the leaf-plate on which we have eaten it?" A jnani rejoices to be relieved of the body by death as a servant rejoices to lay down his burden at the place of delivery.

They take this body for Bhagavan and attribute suffering to him. What a pity! They are despondent that Bhagavan is going to leave them and go away; where can he go, and how?"

Do you know what moksha (Liberation) is? "Getting rid of nonexistent misery and attaining Bliss which is the only existence, that is the definition of moksha.”

The Supreme Self, the Blissful Pure Consciousness sporting within the Heart of all Gods and creatures, is Arunachala Ramana.