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Why Goddess Kali Is Known As Kotarakshi?

The system of meditating on Goddess Bhadra Kali has been described in various tantric texts. Goddess Kali is known as Kotarakshi because in battle she is with eyes wide as the hollow of a tree. In the form of Kota Rakshi, the Goddess when in anger and hunger can swallow the entire universe in a single mouthful.

This fierce form of Goddess Kali is invoked by tantrics to drive away hurdles and to defeat enemies.

In the human body, this form of Bhadrakali resides in the neck and she is supposed to cure all ailments related to it.

In this form she is always present on the left side of Rudra. Contemplation of Kotarakshi along with Rudra helps in achieving success. She also gives a devotee the boon of freedom from fear.