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Velan In Bhagavathi Temple In Kerala

Velan is a person who removes drishti dosha or evil eye – a look that is believed to have the power of inflicting harm. He is usually associated with Bhagavathi temples in Kerala. The concept is more closely associated with Shakti and Shiva (Shaiva) worship.

Velan does the ritual of Othuka with a bark of Elengi tree. The person who performs the ritual is always from the Velan community. It is believed that Goddess Bhadrakali had come in the dream of a Velan elder and gave the community the responsibility of removing evil eye.

Velan can be clearly identified by his dress. He wears a red dhoti (Mundu) and red color head dress or turban. He wears a dried fish on one ear and raw cashed on the other ear.

Velan community also performs the ritual of Velan pattu in homes. It is performed to remove evil eye, enemy activities, bad luck and misfortune. It is also performed to remove all difficulties in life as a result of Shani dosha. Velan pattu are songs dedicated to Shiva, Ganapathi, Subrahania and Bhadrakali. Stories from Mahabharata form the major portion of the song. The Velan Pattu ends with praise of Vishnu.

Velan is a constant presence in the famous Kodungallur Devi Temple.

Valiyakulangara Devi temple near Haripad also has a temple Velan who performs the ritual of removing evil eye with Elengi tree bark and leaves. He is always present when the jeevatha of Goddess is taken outside of the temple.