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Story Of Two Cities Malada And Karusha In The Ramayana

The story of two cities of Malada and Karusha is narrated by Rishi Vishwamitra to Bhagavan Sri Rama and Lakshmana in the Ramayana. It is found in the Bala Kanda Chapter 1 (23). The two cites of Malada and Karusha were located on the southern banks of Sarayu River.

Indra acquired the sin of killing a Brahmana when he killed Vritra. To overcome the sin, the rishis and devas (demigod) bathed the king of Devas (Indra). When they bathed him with pots of water, the filth and muck were released. Filth is known as mala and muck or dung was known as Karusha.

The filth and much from Indra got collected on two spots on earth. When these were realized from his body, Indra became pure. He was extremely happy and blessed the two.

Indra said – “Malada and Karusha have borne the filth that was released from my body. Therefore, these two countries will be prosperous and will be famous in the world.”

For long time, the two countries, Malada and Karusha, were happy and prosperous places, full of wealth and grain. After several hundred years, a female yaksha was born and she could assume any form at will. She possessed the strength of one thousand elephants. Her name was Tataka and she destroyed the two countries and converted them into a forest.