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Sooranad Veettinal Bhagavathi Temple – Festival – History

Sooranad Veettinal Bhagavathi temple is located at Sooranad in Kollam district, Kerala. There are two main Goddesses worshipped in the temple. In the Thekkenada in the temple Goddess Bhadrakali is worshipped as per Kalari sampradayam. The Vadakke Nada, Goddess Durga is worshipped. The 10-day annual festival concludes with arattu in Kumbham month.

As per history, the temple was built during the 15th century by Kayamkulam king. Inscriptions of 15th century are found in the temple. The Bhadrakali murti worshipped in the temple was the upasana murti of Kayamkulam king. The murti was associated with war.

The temple is also famous for its sculptures. Unique and mesmerizing carpentry work is another highlight of the festival. Pettapiri vala, chandravada vala and chenkol vala can be seen in the temple.

The story of Ramayana is carved on the walls of Vadakke Ambalam.

The temple has a small kavu dedicated to the worship of snakes.