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Rani Tal Shiva Temple At Nahan – Himachal Pradesh – Shivling Appear In The Temple Miraculously

A miraculous Shiva temple is located on the banks of Rani Tal lake in Nahan in Himachal Pradesh. As per the people residing in the region, new Shivlings appear in the yoni pitha from time to time. At present there are seven shivlings in the sanctum sanctorum. Naha is around 62 kms from Ambala.

Decorated with black serpents the yoni pitha faces away from the entrance of the temple. There is a youthful Nandi facing the sanctum sanctorum.

Pucca Tal Ka Mandir

Further up the road from Rani Tal Shiva temple is yet another temple dedicated to Shiva overlooking the Pucca tank. The temple is popularly known as Pucca Tal Ka Mandir.

This temple enshrines a small Shivling surrounded by marble murtis of Ganesha and other deities.