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Quotes On Death From Hinduism

A collection of quotes on death from Hinduism.

Day after day countless creatures are going to the abode of Yama (Hindu God of death), yet those that remain behind, believe that they will live forever. What can be more wonderful than this?” says Yudhishthira to Yaksha in the Mahabharata

Speaking of death, we use the phrase ‘life and death’ which is a wrong association of facts. It should actually be ‘birth and death’. Life is without beginning and continues until Self-realization.

This life may end at any moment. No one knows when. Equip yourself for the journey with spiritual treasures. To arrive empty-handed at an unknown place involves much suffering and sorrow. Birth is inevitably followed by death. At death you go to an unknown place, so you must prepare yourself for the journey. Always be ready for the great call. – Swami Brahmananda 

At the time of death, there is a battle between the prana and an outer force. But do not imagine that they are two different forces. They are like two concentric circles, the bigger one trying to destroy the other. Once when I was at the point of death at Puri, I perceived this distinctly; as if I had one foot outside the door and another inside. I could see both sides. Death is no more terrible when there is no attachment. One must be unattached. All the trouble is due to love being centered on specific objects. – Swami Turiyananda

At the time of death, a man loses his wits, he becomes enveloped in a sort of mental darkness. If only once he can utter the name of God at that time, he may be saved as God takes charge of him. Unless one has acquired the habit of constantly thinking of God by long practice, everything becomes confused on account of the pangs of death, and one cannot think of God even once. So, what is necessary is to constantly meditate on Him and pray to Him. – Swami Vijnanananda

By the strength of constant practice we should remember the Lord at the moment of death. Bhagavan assures us in the Bhagavad Gita that we attain whatever we are absorbed in at the final moment of leaving the body.

“O man, prepare yourself for battle
There, see Death entering your house in battle array;
(Therefore) ride on the chariot of great virtue,
Harness to it the two horses of devotion and spiritual practice,
 Stretch up the bow of knowledge,
And set the unfailing arrow of the love of God ….” (Sri Ramakrishna)